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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Course Fee

Accord English reserves the right to set, review, and vary its course fees without notice. All students are required to pay your course fee in full prior to commencing your course.

2. Deferring Your Enrolment

Unless agreed to specifically in writing prior to accepting your enrolment, you can only defer the course commencement for a period not exceeding 30 calendar days from the date you pay the Course Fee. If you do not commence your course within these 30 days, you will forfeit your Course Fee Allowance and will need to apply for a new enrolment at Accord English.

3. Paying Your Course Fee

To secure your enrolment at Accord English for the advertised price, you must pay your Course Fee in full. It is your responsibility to monitor your email regularly for any communications from Accord English.

4. Our Expectation From Students

All Accord English students, must comply with the following:

  • Must commence their classes on the date stated in their enrolment form during payment. If this is not possible, students must inform Accord English in writing at least 48 hours prior to commencement of class
  • Is subject to the Terms and Conditions set by Accord English and reviewed from time to time, of which this summary forms a part
  • Must login to the online classes from a quiet and disturbance free environment.
  • Must be dresses in a presentable manner while attending the class.
  • Must value the requirements of the trainer and ensure that the classes are not obstructed due to the student’s behaviour or environment.
  • Must not engage in any activity that endangers their safety and privacy and that of other students, instructors, and other staff at Accord English.
  • Must ensure requirements are met and maintained for their own welfare and that of any other person.
  • Must pay the required course fee when their enrolment is accepted, and always prior to commencement of classes.
  • Must ensure that they have the right headphone and microphone as per recommendations.
  • Only student that have purchased the respective courses are be permitted to attend the trainings and access the training materials.
  • It is against law for unregistered persons to access the online training sessions or training portal. Accord English treats any foul play regarding unregistered personnel accessing online trainings and the training portal very seriously. The student’s access will be blocked immediately when a foul play has been identified. Students need to provide a written explanation justifying the issue and the access may be revoked upon reviewing the justification..

5. Refund Policy

Accord English will offer you a refund under 2 circumstances only. These circumstances and your maximum refund amount are as below:

  • You cancel your enrolment prior to your course commencing; will entitle you to a refund of any course fee paid less $50 processing and administration charges; or
  • You cancel your enrolment within 4 calendar days of your course commencing: will entitle you to a refund of 75% of course fee paid less $50 processing and administration charges

Note: Accord English will NOT refund any amount after 5 or more calendar days from the commencement of your course. ALL refunds MUST be applied in writing to the Director, Accord English.

6. Disclaimer

Accord English does not represent or guarantee that any student will:

  • Be accepted for enrolment at Accord English, regardless of their score in the English Language Proficiency Criteria;
  • Successfully complete Accord English course/s undertaken;
  • Successfully achieve desired score in the English Proficiency Test of their choice after completing their course at Accord English

Accord English accepts no liability for any unexpected interruption in services through events such as internet failure, staff strikes, electricity failure, floods, and other similar events and which may cause a cancellation of classes. Fee refunds will not be provided for classes missed due to such events

7. Processing Refunds

Regardless of your payment method to Accord English, ALL refunds will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only after an initial processing period of 7 to 14 calendar days subsequent to Accord English agreeing to provide you a refund of course fee paid in accordance with Refund Policy above.

8. Breach of Terms and Conditions

Any breach of terms and conditions mentioned herein, or revised and announced by Accord English from time to time, may result in the termination of the student’s enrolment, with or without notice.

9. Complaints Procedure

  • All complaints must be provided to the Director, Accord English in a detailed email.
  • If the complaint concerns a criminal offence, the Director, Accord English is obliged to inform the respective Police department immediately
  • For all other complaints, the student must provide the Director with at least 48 business hours to investigate and gather facts in relation to the complaint
  • Ideally, all non-criminal complaints will be attempted to be resolved with relevant staff or student/s at the earliest opportunity

The complaints procedure herein is available to every student in the event of a grievance in relation to a refund claim. However, this agreement, and availability of complaints process does not take away the student’s right to further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws or pursue other remedies

10. Accord English Declaration

Accord English will not disclose your personal information to any thirdparties other than our preferred service providers. Accord English reserves the right to use particular information, including but not limited to, your name, gender, age, photo (if provided), English Proficiency Test Scores etc. for use in their internal and external communications, including but not limited to marketing and promotional activities online, on digital platforms, newspapers, magazines etc.