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IELTS and PTE: New Benchmark for International Applicants

IELTS and PTE: New Benchmark for International Applicants

While you could still ponder on the many aspects that could hold back your dreams in those top big countries of the world, it turns out that English tests are the new milestone that is left unheard and lost in the limelight. There are just a few of the accepted tests all across the globe and these are IELTS, TOEFL, OET, and PTE.  PTE is the latest computerized addition to the tests available virtually in every country on the planet. As it turns out, English is one language that really does not make you look ethnic and regional. The global reach of the language is as inspirational, and in itself a story to chase. But where are these real facts about the tests? In fact, except for those unfortunate disconnected regions of the world, English is just about everywhere. Be it Cambridge University or the University of Melbourne, IELTS and PTE is the step forward to the real academics and great careers.

Recently, Australia and few of the countries in Europe have made English proficiency as a fundamental necessity for migration, or education in the respective countries. This comes in the wake as there are far more students opting out of academic options in countries like Britain, Australia, and Canada. The sources indicate a different story in the reference to the dwindling numbers of students joining various universities. The strictures are mostly in place avoid the mass fraudsters to crowd the countries and devoid the host countries of the so-called ‘safety’ and ‘security’ in the workspace. Like so, there are far more faded immigrants who can’t speak English in these countries. Moreover these are those who are unable to secure proper work or find a proper accommodation for themselves. This could only lead to disaster if unforeseen, especially with the appreciable numbers of students and aspirants who cross borders daily.

So, it is not much of a big surprise on why IELTS and PTE could be adopted worldwide, like in most of the European, Asian and American countries. Though, there are dubious thoughts that reside with many of these countries, where English is obviously spoken widely. There is a scope for transparent improvement through tests like IELTS, which are currently amongst the most commonly undertaken English assessment tests worldwide. IELTS is observed in over 10,000 international and domestic organizations across the world accepting the assessment patterns including educational institutions, employers, governmental authorities, professional bodies and especially, the immigration agencies. Moreover, the IELTS assessment is accepted in 140 countries from all across the world. All these finer aspects  makes IELTS as one of the most favored tests worldwide for English proficiency followed by PTE which is a computerized form of the international English language proficiency assessment.

What makes IELTS as one of the more common options for every student or professional is the flexibility of the tests as there are two variants to the same test. One of which tests the skills as needed by a learner referred to the Academic version  whereas the other that keenly identify the common communication skills needed by professionals referred to as the General version of the test. Despite the odds, there could only be a more reasonable cause for these tests to expand elsewhere to provide the basic necessity of communication, especially since English is more widespread than ever before. Also, being the third largest ‘first’ language and the largest spoken ‘second’ language in the world has its own implication as for this beautiful language that has crossed borders into one global foundation for the future of the world. So, in a way, every country in the world has to have English, now or then. So English Language Assessment tests are here to stay and indeed with a glorified past to carry forward.