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English and the World

English and the World

To understand the world better, an individual has no other option but to familiarize himself with the English language. Language is the main source of communication used by most of the peopleto share their thoughts and ideas. In fact, the ability to use language to communicate with each other is what separates us from animals and makes us humans. However, there are thousands of languages used by human beings globally. For instance, countries have their versions of national languages to add up to a variety of languages spoken and understood by people in different localities.

English language is a global language because more than 350 million people around the world use it as a first language and over 450 million use it as a second language. This makes English the most common language of communication used by most of the countries around the world. The widespread use of English compels individuals across the globe to understand the language with the aim of understanding the world better. This entails in what is happening around the world be it business activities, political events and social interaction between individuals from different regions of the world with different mother tongues. In other words, English enables individuals to achieve a synergy in communication thus making the English language to be the common international language of communication. Therefore, it is important for everyone to learn the language in order to get in touch with others on an international level.

Communication is made possible not only with English-speaking communities but also with people from different countries that use English as the second language of communication. The best way to understand the world is seeking education in an individual area of interest. English facilitates education because, in many countries, education knowledge is passed to children using English language. This is because; it is the dominant language used in sciences, be it research and studies found in the scientific field. For example, at the university level, students study almost all their subjects using English in order to make their materials more accessible to international students. In countries like Sweden and Netherlands where English is not the official language, you will find that many syllabi in science studies are written in English.

Another aspect that makes individuals need English to understand the world better is the fact that on the Internet, most websites are not only written but also created in English. Individuals use the Internet to gather information about various issues trending in the world. Most of this information is found in English language and where English is not used; there is always the option that gives the user the freedom to translate the original language into English. Due to this, persons with the ability to use English are better off because most information on the internet is found in the English language.

Finally, English is the language of travel and business. Most traveling companies use English to communicate with its clients. For instance, with online traveling, English is used to facilitate the booking procedure. Also, most companies across the globe use English to carry out their business activities and hire individuals who show proficiency in English.